Meet2Go - Meeting Points Before Concerts & Festivals. #meet2rock
Meet2Go allows you to attend concerts or festivals with people on your musical wavelength. You can create or go to meeting points before your favorite bands play live and have a personalized calendar of festivals and music events near your location.

-Create or go to meeting points before a concert or festival.
-Create your own personalised concert schedule by synchronizing music stored on your phone’s music library, Spotify Playlists and the artists you follow on social networks.
-You can invite more people to a meeting point (#meetingrock) and then attend the concert of your choice.
-Login with your email or Facebook account.
-Alerts for concerts of your favorite artists.
-Alerts of nearby meeting points.
-Find concerts in different cities.

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Daniel Alvarado/ Juan Rodas
Cuenca, Ecuador
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

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